How to speak Turkish? Learn Turkish!

How to speak Turkish language – learn online or book a private teacher with us now? Learn Turkish language lessons learning videos Pdf files. Blog Turkish online lessons. Learning Turkish is easy with us. Intensive Turkish courses London. How to speak  Turkish language:   How to speak Turkish? What is the best way to learn a foreign […]

Learning Turkish Language in London

Learning Turkish in London Learning Turkish is easy! We  offer Turkish language training services  for business  and individual Turkish language  courses from beginners  to advanced level whether you want to learn just  2 or 4 hours per week  or intensive  for 15 hours per week. If you want to start Learning Turkish now… just drop […]

Turkish Evening Classes London

Turkish Language Evening classes Turkish language evening classes include beginner to advanced level Turkish evening language classes- anywhere in London: Learning Turkish is easy  with our evening Turkish tuition. If you wish you may also take your lessons during your office lunch breaks. Ideal for those who work during the day: so how about learning […]

Information about Turkish and Turkic Languages

Do you want to take online Turkish language lessons? Turkish language lessons:  Book an online turkish language course with us! Turkish language: According to encyclopedia Britannica, Turkish language comes  from Altaic language family: Turkish is spoken – as an official language-  in today’s  Turkey, Northern Cyprus. Due to Ottoman empire of 600 years rule you […]

Intensive Turkish Course

Intensive Turkish language course – Online turkish language course Intensive turkish language course: We provide Intensive Turkish Language courses – anywhere in London You do not need to travel to a language school in London. We will arrange an intensive course for you  at your premises –  or at any convenient  venue that you prefer […]

Learn Turkish on line blog

Online Turkish Lessons Online turkish lessons can be fun. Please follow our website blog  updates. We will try our best to provide some learning materials in Turkish language  such as turkish courses PDF files, some interesting turkish language videos, some tips to learn turkish on your own. If you are a beginner in Turkish […]

Do I need a visa for visting or working in Turkey

Holiday Turkish Language and Turkish Visa requirements Do you want to learn holiday Turkish language? Holiday turkish language involve basic turkish language skills…  You can take holiday turkish lessons with us…But before You start travelling to Turkey  please make sure that you check if you need a visa or not depending on what nationality you […]

turkish lessons Pdf ders 1 beginners Turkish pdf

Turkish lessons PDF Turkish Lessons Pdf is great! try now!Do you want some free learn turkish Pdf files? Here it is!  just click on it and  download Learn Turkisf pdf files.. as simple as that!  Great Turkish lessons pdf files  and books  on these links.. Give a try now! You! can print them and learn […]

A history of Turkey

Introduction to the History of Turkey Before you start learning turkish or take some Turkish lessons with us. On this page we will have a quick look at Turkish history. When you study and learn Turkish language It is well worth about Turkeys’ history too. The Persian Empire occupied the area in the 6th century […]

Learn turkish online basic phrases

Basic Turkish Phrases Are you travelling to Turkey often and want to learn some basic Turkish phrases? Above is  a page about some basic Turkish  phrases. It  can be useful to memorize  some basic greetings such as how to say “thank you in Turkish”  or how to say  hello and how are you in Turkish […]

Learn to improve Turkish with Turkish pop music song lyrics.

Learn Turkish with some Turkish pop music lyrics! If you are an adult  and advanced learner of Turkish Language. It maybe worthwhile to improve your turkish with some turkish pop music song lyrics  such as  Tarkan’s  pop music album or an other turkish pop stars’ who may be interest to you. Learning Turkish with turkish […]

Where can I learn turkish in london?

 Group  Turkish language classes: SOAS and Westminster University  run some Turkish  group classes and courses in London. Howe both SOAS and Westminster University  does not  focus  on  tailor-made private Turkish language courses  rather they run Turkish language evening classes. Kings College also  runs group  evening classes in Turkish in London.  Their courses  start mainly in […]

Travel Turkish lessons for travelling purposes:

Travel Turkish Do you often travel to Turkey and learn travel turkish?  Do you feel language is a big barrier in communication?  Then why not study and learn some Turkish phrases right now. We will regularly update some on line Turkish language learning materials in our blog webpage. Different individuals  learn  travelling Turkish for different […]