How to speak Turkish? Learn Turkish!

How to speak Turkish language – learn online or book a private teacher with us now?

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How to speak  Turkish language: 

 How to speak Turkish? What is the best way to learn a foreign language on your own or improve your language skills ? This is one of the questions frequently asked by  learners:

How  can I build my own  vocabulary?

You can try:

  • Turkish Flash cards
  • Turkish Vocabulary lists
  • turkish language books vocabulary sheets
  • Watching some Turkish  films with subtitles
  • using some Turkish online language learning applications

Why Learn Turkish language?


How to speak turkish? Try booking Turkish lessons here!For example: if you travel  frequently to Turkey and you want to learn Turkish for holiday purposes.

Then  when you study turkish language,  your vocabulary  should be travel related vocabulary; learning numbers, alphabet, words like tickets, street, pay, stay. money, hotel etc. Some learners  make the mistake of learning unnecessary words like  they will never ever use in their trips for example: donkey, embroidery,  chimney  etc.. so ask yourself first will I ever need such words to learn in my travels?  for example  embroidery ? The answer is no!

So try to focus on learning for example in Turkish  how to say  ”Thank you?”

How to say? “NO (HAYIR) and YES  (EVET) in turkish language?” even  how to say:  “I don’t  know how to speak Turkish” ( Ben Turkce konusmuyorum)  will help you to communicate in turkish when you travel in Turkey…

Please follow our blogs regularly, we will update some practical hints in learning Turkish and how to speak Turkish.

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