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Turkish language:

According to encyclopedia Britannica, Turkish language comes  from Altaic language family:

Turkish is spoken – as an official language-  in today’s  Turkey, Northern Cyprus. Due to Ottoman empire of 600 years rule you can also hear some  ethnic minority  communities speaking Turkish mainly in Balkans peninsula, such as Bulgaria, Macedonia,  Kosova, Greece, and Greek islands, Bosnia and so  on…

Turkish language is an Ural -Altaic language,  belonging to the Altaic family and shares the same agglutination grammer rules  with the other Turkic languages:

The Turkic languages are spoken principally in a nearly continuous band from Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan through the Central Asian republics of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan to Xinjiang region of China.

Modern Turkish language is based on old Anatolian Turkish – and there also some Arabic and Persian loan words such as ‘tesekkur’ – thank you and selam ‘hello’ in turkish etc.  However Turkish language si completely different  from Arabic  and Persian in terms of its syntax and grammatical features.   Common Features of Turkish language  can be summarized as:

Turkish language and its grammar:

  •  Agglutination : a language  based on suffixes and suffixation – to put it simply, it is based mainly on endings. Especially from when you translate a document from Turkish to English, then Turkish syntax is highly important.
  • Vowel Harmony: Front and back vowels determine the vowel harmony in Turkish and has a great impact on its grammatical functions.
  • Turkish Syntax:  Follows the main  rule of S.O.V+sfx   (Subject + Object and Verb) and verbs carry the suffixation of tense and negation and personal pronouns  suffixation and is subject to vowel harmony changes.
  • English to  Turkish translation  therefore involves understanding the syntax of Turkish language

Some videos and learning aids can be found on our main and blog pages of online our turkish lessons  website. If you have also questions on Turkish language and its grammatical sentences and syntax please do ask  we are happy to give you an academic explanation

Turkish language lessons:  Book an online turkish language course with us!

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