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Online turkish lessons can be fun. Please follow our  turkishlessons.co.uk website blog  updates. We will try our best to provide some learning materials in Turkish language  such as turkish courses PDF files, some interesting turkish language videos, some tips to learn turkish on your own.

Book a skype online turkish lessonsIf you are a beginner in Turkish  then often people ask this question? :  how shall I start  learning Turkish with online turkish lessons?   The answer to this :  ‘ the best way to learn a language is  with a qualified and experienced native language teacher. However this does not mean that you can not study Turkish on your own.

Assuming that you are a beginner in turkish  start learning with turkish numbers: It is just a matter of memorising some numbers. You can use some flash cards as well as a learning tool.  So  start with some flash cards, you can write on the front  Turkish and back in English and shuffle them. One of the frequently asked questions:


How shall I start  learning Turkish on my own or with online turkish lessons? I am a complete beginner in Turkish! There are many on line application for learning turkish you can try to download them in your mobile phone and listen and practice whenever you can…

The above video is one of the examples of how you can learn Turkish free on-line, you can also try  building your vocabular on turkish numbers, alphabet, colours, days and months etc . However if you need to learn  proper way the grammar  and have some speaking practice, you may need to have some  turkish lessons with a qualified turkish language tutor.  For self study here are some examples  of building your vocabulary in turkish as a beginner you may start with learning:

Online Turkish lessons

  • Turkish numbers
  • Turkish alphabet
  • Colours
  • Greetings – basic turkish phrases
  • Days, months, and some important adjectives such as cold, hot, expensive, cheap etc..

If you already speak  some Turkish  and if you are in advanced or intermediate level:  then watching some movies in Turkish with english subtitles may also help. However if you want to learn more complicated structures, definitely you will need to book a turkish tutor and tuition.

Book a Turkish language teacher and start learning turkish on line…. you will enjoy our online turkish lessons via skype!

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