Turkish language lessons – all levels from beginners to advanced courses!

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Turkish language lessons – all levels from beginners to advanced courses!

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Turkish Lessons Levels : Beginners to Advanced

We provide all Turkish lessons in language levels, courses and classes in London. Please contact us if you want us to a arrange a professional Turkish language tutor.

To start beginner Turkish language lessons in language levels, you should normally learn the following;
• Turkish Alphabet,
• Turkish Pronunciation – how to produce the vowels and consonants in Turkish,
• Greetings and some daily expression,
• Turkish Vowel Harmony system,
• Turkish word order and syntax,
• Construction basic sentences in Turkish and personal pronouns suffixation together with vowel harmony involved,
• Building some active vocabulary with certain verbs such as: to go= gitmek, to come: gelmek, to live = oturmak, to drink icmek

If you book a Turkish lesson with us your experienced Turkish teacher will guide you through all these steps…

You can also use Turkish in Three Months Book . It also gives some explanation of the Turkish Grammar and structure with English explanations. The fastest way to learn turkish in London is to book  a private Teacher with us…

Intermediate Turkish  language Lessons:

This is for those who already have some knowledge of Turkish and has a good understanding of Intermediate Level Turkish:
At this level you should :
• focus on turkish role play scenarios with your Turkish tutor
• improve your turkish vocabulary
• focus on your Turkish synonyms and antonyms
• decide on which Turkish reading passage can be useful for your learning needs: A detailed complex newspaper article may not be suitable for you at this stage especially if you have just completed the beginner turkish course in london.
• focus on some subordinate Turkish grammar structures such as – when/ken, -digimde, -irken, -ince suffixes etc ; learning models such as should/must -meli/mali and Lazio structures can also be useful at Intermediate Turkish Lessons level.

Advanced Level Turkish  Lessons:

This is for those who already have a good understanding of Turkish however wants to improve his/her Turkish language skills:
At this level you should:
• focus on advanced Turkish lessons in language Levels, such as a variety of Turkish language newspapers, reading texts, even some short novels etc.
• practice your Turkish skills with your Turkish language teacher on current affairs or any other topics which maybe of interest to you
If you decide to book a Turkish lesson with us. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
We offer all levels Turkish language lessons, courses and classes in London.