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Are you looking for Turkish lessons in London or via  online ‘Skype’ or zoom? We are a professional Turkish language services provider. Your success is our success!

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First of all we are called ‘Turkish Lessons London‘. We are a team of Turkish language teachers and instructors . Our tutors have experience in Turkish tuition over 20 years – teaching Turkish  as foreign language to various students from different language levels. Our teachers are experienced and professional linguists who have also worked in many big companies for  Turkish translation – London.

Turkish Lessons London offers turkish language courses for learning Turkish from beginners to advanced levels.

You can take your Turkish lessons online via Skype. If you prefer an intensive Turkish tuition, you can take  one of our face to face Turkish language course. You don’t need to come to us. We will come and teach Turkish on a venue that you prefer whether it is your company office, your home or at suitable venue choice of yours. Our unique methodology incorporates practical conversation, grammar, writing, reading and pronunciation  in all levels. Writing and reading skills are also important part of our Turkish courses.


If you want to start ‘learning Turkish‘ immediately, you may download it for free (for educational & personal use only) : Click the link and start learning Turkish (for self study purposes). You may still need a guidance of a qualified Turkish Teacher to use this Turkish lessons PDF book.

Which Turkish language book I should use to learn Turkish?  Click here (below) and download it for free!

This Turkish language  book will enable you to learn Turkish at home. But, first you should download this PDF file and use it with a guidance of a teacher. You may book your private Turkish lessons with us any time. We offer hourly paid Turkish courses for any levels.  Click below for  your free Turkish Lessons book: >

Turkish in Three Months Book: Turkish language book PDF
Free Turkish lessons PDF

Turkish Lessons  PDF & Learn Turkish PDF: Turkish in Three Months BOOK

Turkish Classes : Evenings or day time course (one to one) 
Turkish Course Types: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced (Operational) level 

After completing the basic level, you will be able to speak about your personal lives, as well as the places  and activities you are familiar with. Whereas, in the intermediate level, you will be able to express opinions and thoughts more easily incorporating commonly used idioms. On the other hand, If you reach to advanced level Turkish, you will have the opportunity to expand your vocabulary and practice your conversation in Turkish with up-to-date  realistic themes and role-play scenarios.

Question: Answer: Lessons/courses/classes: Time/Day/Sessions
Where do the Turkish lessons take place? Online via turkish lessons Skype or face to face anywhere in London; 7 days a week including weekends & evenings
How much does is the cost of each lesson? Each Turkish lesson is £25 pounds ; 7 days a week including weekends & evenings
How can I book Turkish lessons and courses with you? Very Simple!
1. Send us an email,
2. We will arrange a qualified Turkish teacher for you;
7 days a week including weekends & evenings
How do I pay for my Turkish lessons? At the end of your each lesson or in advance block booking of 10 hours;. 7 days a week including weekends & evenings
Are your Turkish teachers qualified? Yes; all our Turkish teachers qualified (at least with minimum masters degree and over 10 years of teaching experience in Turkish Language and Linguistics) N/A
Cancellation* Terms and Conditions You may cancel your lessons anytime free of charge providing that you give 48 hours notice.[ no commitment means basically if you are not satisfied, you may drop out from your Turkish Course any time. Notice required (48 hours) for free of charge cancellation for your booked Turkish course.

Find out your level:

Turkish Beginner (A1 & A2) – Has little or no knowledge of the Turkish language and knows only a few basic words and phrases. Can’t understand the spoken language at all. Elementary – Can communicate using very simple phrases. Has limited vocabulary and understands a little conversational language.

Turkish Pre-Intermediate (B1) – Can take part in a variety of conversational subjects using basic structures and vocabulary with acceptable accuracy. Can understand most conversation when conducted slowly and clearly.

Turkish Intermediate (B2)– Has better control of structures and a practical and useful vocabulary. Errors are still frequent. Demonstrates a good understanding of the language and abilities to get the gist of rapid speech.

Turkish Upper Intermediate (C1)– Wide range of structures used with fair degree of accuracy. Some typical errors still prevailing. Good overall comprehension and wide vocabulary.

Turkish Advanced  (C2)– Communicates very well using most structures accurately. Can talk about a wide range of topics using appropriate vocabulary and using some idiomatic language.

-Let’s first clarify the definition of ‘lesson’. According to Thesaurus dictionary:

1. a section into which a course of study is divided, especially a single, continuous session of formal instruction in a subject: In this instance, our Turkish tuition is divided into following syllabus sections; Spoken Turkish, Turkish Grammar, Online Turkish, Turkish quiz, vocabulary exercises, and Turkish level tests (Beginners, intermediate and advanced, near native levels).

2. a part of a book, an exercise, etc., that is assigned to a student for study: in this context, your Turkish tutor will give you a various Turkish  quizzes, vocabulary tests and assignments, Turkish lessons pdf,  and  various grammar exercises and drills.

3. a language to be learned or studied; in this instance we use our unique communicative language learning methodology ideal especially for those who are beginners in Turkish language.

5. the lessons of the past. Language learning is also a memory related cognitive process. Our Turkish teachers will provide you memory oriented Turkish vocabulary tests using various flash cards and so on. If you want to take private Turkish lessons, please send us an email and we will reply as soon as we can.


Why should you learn Turkish with us?

Don’t think that learning Turkish is difficult! Motivation is our primary goal. All our Turkish teachers have extensive experience of teaching Turkish for more then 15 years in London and throughout the UK. Our professional network of Turkish lecturers   have been trained at post-graduate degree level with experience of  teaching  and lecturing Turkish at the most prestigious universities in England, various British government institutions and business companies.

Guarantee to improve your Turkish language skills with our Turkish courses?


Academic information about Turkish Language:

information on Turkish language: useful for learning Turkish

Turkish Language is an agglutinate Ural – Altaic Turkic language based on suffixes (endings) and has vowel harmony grammatical system similar to Hungarian language vowel harmony. However, Turkish language is related to other Turkic languages such as Azeri (Azerbaijani), Turkmen, Kirghiz, Kazakh, Uzbek and Tatar:  there are many  similarities between Turkish and Azeri languages. Turkish language syntax is very different from other European languages because Turkish word order is almost apposite to the English language.

Turkish language word order is S+O+V and it involves suffixation of personal pronouns and tense markers. For example: the Turkish sentence ‘Ben ‘Londra’da Turkce ders aliyorum’ means ‘I am taking ‘Turkish lessons in London‘. The verb formation is as follows: I+London+in Turkish lesson+ learning+I. Turkish language is spoken by 80 million in Turkey. However, there are many Turkish speakers  living mainly in Europe such as Germany, the UK, Belgium and France. Besides, there are ethnic Turks living in Bulgaria and Former Yugoslavia, Cyprus, Greece and other  Balkan countries. Such Turkish ethnic groups have slightly different dialects  compared to the mainland  so called ‘standard Istanbul Turkish’.


Turkish Classes :  ( Face to face Turkish lessons  London or via Skype & evening classes)

Evening Turkish Classes: Ideal for those who want take Turkish lessons during evenings. We will check with your language teacher to arrange a class which is suitable for you. Evening Turkish lessons normally take place after the working hours; mainly between 6:00 PM (GMT) and 10:00 PM (GMT)

Weekend Classes:  Ideal for those who want to study Turkish in their free times during weekends: You may agree with your Turkish tutor to book your lessons at a suitable time either in afternoons or evenings

Day time Turkish ClassesIf you would like to book your Turkish lessons. It is very easy. Just state which day of the week and time you are free to learn Turkish and we will arrange the lessons for you as soon as possible.

Intensive Turkish Course(s): If you wish to learn Turkish in a very short time, you can try  our one to one intensive courses. Depending on your free time,  for example you can depend the mornings for self studying and afternoons for  3 or 4 hours of intensive language training sessions. Intensive Turkish courses are quiet popular among our students.

Private Turkish Teachers in London

Where  can I take my lessons? if  you would like to have intensive Turkish course, you can have your lessons at your home or office and anywhere convenient. However, if you would like to try one of our online SKYPE Turkish lessons; you don’t have to be located in London.You can take our online Turkish Skype lessons anywhere in the world. All you need is a good internet connection and a Skype software program.First you have to download a SKYPE Turkish lessons software program. Then, you should exchange your Skype ID with your tutor and start your online Turkish tuition. It is as simple as this!

For all your inquiries please contact us: ‘Turkish Lessons London‘  Email: info@turkishlessons.co.uk

Turkish Lessons London (UK): Local Areas that we cover for intensive one to one courses:

Map of London for learning Turkish.

We are here to help you  with all your Turkish language needs at our competitive rates of tuition. We constantly monitor our students achievements through our specialised feedback reports,

We also provide intensive face to face Turkish courses in South & North London in the following areas : Kensington – Marble Arch – Knightsbridge – Green Lanes – Notting Hill – Haringey – Paddington – Hackney – Enfield, Euston – Acton -Victoria – Aldgate- Maida Vale – Turkish lessons : We offer tailor-made private Turkish tuition throughout: Marylebone – West Kensington – Richmond – Mayfair –[Central London] and Morden – Wimbledon – Croydon – Battersea – Balham – Barnet – Bayswater [South London] – Barnes –Belgravia – Brent – Bromley – Bow – Camden – Canary Wharf- Chelsea – Clapham – Ealing – Earls Court (West London) – East Sheen – Greenwich – Green Park – Hammersmith – Harrow – Hampstead (North London) and – Heathrow areas . One to one Turkish lessons are available throughout : ( East London) – Hounslow – Hyde Park – Islington – Kensington – Kew – Kingston- Lambeth – London Bridge – Piccadilly – Pimlico – Putney – Shepherds Bush – St Johns Wood- South Kensington – Southfields – Swiss Cottage – Tooting – Wandsworth – Wapping – Wembley – Westminster – Woolwich -Uxbridge. Please note: Skype lessons are cheaper than face to face lessons. Simply because the teachers’ travelling costs are not included in the tuition price.

Turkish language courses and one to one tuition outside London zones are only available for intensive Turkish language training programs. Skype Turkish lessons are available for anyone who wants to learn Turkish. Wherever you are located, the UK, London, Turkey, Germany, Qatar, Russia,  Dubai, Berlin, New York,  Istanbul, Ankara, Doha and so on, you are always welcome to book online Turkish lessons with us.Some of our previous clients: ( Our Turkish teachers has  delivered successfully various tailor-made courses for some individuals from the below companies )

Here are some of our previous clients:  Also there are  many other private students who have learned  Turkish with us – (for social reasons: e.g: either the partners or friends are Turkish or for business reasons or other reasons such as  for  frequently travelling to Turkey and speaking Turkish is obviously helpful.)

Email:  info@turkishlessons.co.uk