Intensive Turkish Course

What is an intensive Turkish course?


An intensive Turkish course is ideal for those who want to learn the language in a very short time. This means obviously an intensive study of Turkish. This could be – for example- everyday few hours of Turkish language tuition.  Alternatively,  you can use the mornings to learn the vocabulary using flash cards or revising your grammar topics, whereas: you can use the afternoons or evenings  studying Turkish with one our teachers  in  one of our Turkish language courses.


Are Intensive Courses effective in learning Turkish fast?


Definitely Yes!!! We highly recommend intensive language tuition. Actually, this is the best and fastest way to learn a language. The reasons are quite simple: when you learn intensively, your mind is always fresh and occupied cognitively in a productive way just to improve your language skills. Please do not underestimate the effectiveness of learning Turkish in an intensive  way. Definitely, give a try!

When you are learning new vocabulary in Turkish,  your memory is very important. Why is it so? The answer is quite simple. For example if you are learning Turkish every week, just 2 hours  in total, the following week you are likely to forget most of the words that you have learned. Your memory can not cope with loading lots of new vocabulary in Turkish language. On the other hand, if you are  taking an intensive Turkish course, you memory will be tuned in with a foreign language. Because interestingly our mind classifies  mother tongue learning as one part of cognitive process and the other part is classified as foreign language learning process. All this process happens unconsciously without us being aware of language learning process.


Are Intensive courses cheaper than and an hourly course?


Yes, If you choose to have an intensive course on weekly basis ( for example 6 hours or more per week) you will pay less than someone taking 2 hours a week course. If you decide to book your course please do mention that you are interested in only intensive Turkish courses and you are likely to get some discount.



Learning Turkish takes time. If you want to learn  fast and in a short time, you should consider an intensive Turkish course. We can arrange for you different types of private intensive to semi intensive or hourly Turkish classes & courses. Tailor made one to one or intensive  courses are also popular. It is available anywhere in London starting from 2 hours per week, 4 hours per week , 6 hours per week or intensive anytime weekdays, weekends or evenings. Turkish Lessons London offers various type of Turkish language courses in London or anywhere in the world via our online Skype Turkish courses. You can choose to take face to face  lessons in London or via Skype. Obviously, the choice is yours!



Hourly Paid Intensive Turkish courses either face to face online or via Skype


intensive turkish  course:

1. You do not need to travel to a language school in London. We will arrange an intensive course for you at your premises – or at any convenient venue that you prefer learning Turkish …..

2. Wide range of tailor made one to one or online Turkish language intensive courses are available.

3. Intensive courses are one of the best ways to learn Turkish. Why?

4. “Because it is fast and easy to learn….! “

5. Our intensive Turkish language course lessons are flexible and it can be at any hours of the day that you prefer 6. Evening or weekend “Crash intensive Turkish language Courses ” are also available in London areas..

Please contact us for further details. Booking your lessons is very easy:

Step 1: write to us by email,

Step 2: agree on your  tuition time with your tutor,

Step 3. Start your lessons on the agreed time and or place.