Online Turkish Lessons and Turkish Skype Lessons

What is Online Turkish  lessons? (SKYPE TURKISH LESSONS)


This is showing Skype Turkish lessons time tableAn online Turkish course – SKYPE TURKISH LESSONS – (sometimes referred to as a internet-based or Web-delivered Turkish course) is a class taught through the Internet with  the guidance of a online Turkish tutor. Online Turkish courses are in a sense a great way of distance learning. You can take the course at a “distance”. … This means that you do not have to be online at a specific time taking the course.ONLINE TURKISH LESSONS ARE FLEXIBLE whenever suits you, you can take skype Turkish lessons! It also means that you can have your lesson virtually anywhere and keep the same tutor. When done right, learning TURKISH  VIA Skype can be every bit as effective as learning a language by any more traditional means.Students learning Turkish via Skype tend to be more relaxes compared to the traditional classroom learning styles. Why is it so? Because when  you learn a language via skype you tend to be more relaxed and more eager to learn Turkish language. This means you are not under pressure of other students and you don’t worry at all if you do a mistake or not. As we said earlier on:

So what are the important factors in learning Turkish via Skype?

What is important when you learn Turkish via skype?

  1. This image shows learning Turkish online classes A qualified and experienced  Turkish language Tutor: please contact us at Turkish Lessons London to arrange a professional Turkish Tutor for you. We have a pay as you go system; basically you pay at the end of each skype Turkish tuition.
  2. Self study: you will need to spend sometime on your own at home for self study purposes. To be quite honest; you do not need a Turkish teacher to learn basic vocabulary, numbers or alphabet. You can memorize some turkish words each day. Don’t forget to set a target for each day.
  3. You must choose good online resources when you learn Turkish. There are plenty of online Turkish language resources. I would not recommend duonlingo, mondly, and live lingua websites simply because  they lack the professional guidance of a proper Turkish online tutor. There are plenty of Turkish online resources which we will list them later on in our website

What Do I need to learn Turkish via skype?

  • a free skype account: you can download  skype easily available over the internet. Once you start your skype lessons with one of our online turkish tutors; you will be asked to exchange your skype id login names. As simple as that!   Then, you  agree with your online skype Turkish tutor to meet at an agreed date to start your turkish skype online tuition.
  •  a webcam and microphone device: You will need a fast internet connection for your online Turkish lessons. You do not have to have a webcam to have turkish lessons, sometimes webcams can slow down  and break down the sound whilst your turkish teachers is teaching you online or via skype.
  • a  professional  online Turkish language teacher: Yes! it is highly important to select a qualified Turkish language tutor. Speaking both Turkish and English does not necessarily mean that someone one can teach you turkish language. Make sure that you have enough information about your turkish language instructor before you start learning Turkish language. Don’t forget we have only qualified and trained online Turkish tutors with plenty of teaching experience. All our online tutors understand Turkish grammar, Turkish language and linguistics and have at least 10 years of teaching experience in teaching Turkish.  All you need is just send us an email and we will arrange an ONLINE TURKISH COURSE

How long does a skype Turkish lesson  last?

  1.  Online Turkish courses are ideal for those who wish to learn Turkish via skypewe, in general, recommend   minimum 2 hours of online Turkish lessons via skype! Depending on the agreement between you and your online tutor, you may have a short break in the middle. It is so easy and practical to learn turkish via skype. At the comfort of your home; even with a cup of coffee, it is fun to learn Turkish with us. Please do not forget to send us an email :   explaining your language needs and your current level of Turkish language.
  2. An intensive online Turkish course: is another option!  you may  take  turkish online tuition  each day 2 or 3 hours  or half day weekends. The advantage of an intensive Turkish course  is  your mind remains always fresh to learn new words and having long gaps often causes  the memory loss of already learned words and grammar items. From our experience; we have seen great results from intensive turkish courses.

Question 1: I have requested  online Turkish lessons via skype from you. How long shall  I wait for a response to my inquiry?

Answer:  We normally answer your inquiries within 2 or 3 working days. Basically, once you agree with the date/price and time of online turkish lessons, you may start your lessons immediately.

Question 2:   How do I pay for my Turkish online lessons?

Answer: We are one of the cheapest  online Turkish language service providers. To get a lessons fee quotation please do not hesitate to contact us by email at

You may block book in advance for 10 hours of online turkish language course.. You may drop out at anytime providing that you give your tutor 48 hours notice in advance. We believe that there is no point in continuing a course if you are not satisfied with it. Your satisfaction is our guarantee mission!

Question 3:   For Online Turkish lessons ( skype Turkish lessons),  can I choose a specific time and date?

Answer:  Yes! of course you can!  That is why online lessons are so convenient. You can learn Turkish at a time -date and place which is convenient for you. All bookings are subject to agreements between you and  your online Turkish course tutors.

What is Turkish Language like ? Is it easy to learn?

information on Turkish language: useful for learning TurkishTurkish Language is an agglutinate Ural – Altaic Turkic language based on suffixes (endings) and has vowel harmony grammatical system similar to Hungarian language vowel harmony. However, Turkish language is related to other Turkic languages such as Azeri (Azerbaijani), Turkmen, Kirghiz, Kazakh, Uzbek and Tatar: there are many similarities between Turkish and Azeri languages. Turkish language syntax is very different from other European languages because Turkish word order is almost apposite to the English language.

Turkish language word order is S+O+V and it involves suffixation of personal pronouns and tense markers. For example: the Turkish sentence ‘Ben ‘Londra’da Turkce ders aliyorum’ means ‘I am taking ‘Turkish lessons in London‘. The verb formation is as follows: I+London+in Turkish lesson+ learning+I. Turkish language is spoken by 80 million in Turkey. However, there are many Turkish speakers living mainly in Europe such as Germany, the UK, Belgium and France. Besides, there are ethnic Turks living in Bulgaria and Former Yugoslavia, Cyprus, Greece and other Balkan countries. Such Turkish ethnic groups have slightly different dialects compared to the mainland so called ‘standard Istanbul Turkish’.

As we discussed earlier, the main linguistic characteristics of Turkish is mainly the suffixation process, vowel harmony system, post positions and back to front syntax combinations. Turkish language is a phonetic language. What this means is that each phoneme or letter is pronounced with a single sound and it does not have many diphthongs. Turkish Language Association ‘Turk Dil Kurumu’ is the main governmental institution monitoring the diachronic and syn-chronic linguistic changes within the Turkish language system.

What are the other language resources to learn Turkish online (youtube) for self study purposes?

There are plenty of online Turkish language resources. Youtube is one of them!

here are some examples:

Turkish  online lessons 1.

Online Turkish lessons 2:

Online Turkish Lesson 3:

Online Turkish Lessons 4:

Online Turkish Lessons 5:

How can I book a online Turkish course? This is the guide for basic information on how to book an online course with us.

  1. Write to us at our contact us page, giving as much details as possible
  2. We will reply to your email as soon as possible.
  3. We will arrange an experienced online Turkish tutor as soon as possible.
  4.  if you are living in London. You may also try to search our other pages for more information :