Turkish Language Courses

There are many different types of Turkish language courses available:

  • Beginners Turkish course,
  • Intermediate Turkish course,
  • Advanced Turkish course.
  • Intensive Turkish course.

How can I book my Turkish course?

Booking your tuition is very easy with us.

  • Contact us explaining your language needs. For example, for what purposes  you would like to learn Turkish? For business reasons or social reasons? We can arrange a tailor made Turkish course for you depending on your Turkish language needs. It will also help  if you explain to us your current level of Turkish e.g: beginners, intermediate and advanced etc.
  • We will reply to your emails  as soon as possible. We will do our best to arrange a qualified native Turkish teacher with at least 10 years of teaching experience.
  • Once you accept our hourly rate of tuition, your course can start anytime you wish. This can be day-time, evening and even weekends.
  • You can pay for your Turkish language course at the end of each Turkish lesson or alternatively, you may book a block of lessons of 10 or 20 hours. This is the most preferred method  by most of our students.

Do you provide intensive Turkish language courses?

Yes, we do. Actually, this is the best way to learn Turkish. With an intensive Turkish course!:

  • With an intensive Turkish course, you will not easily forget your grammar lessons and vocabulary. It will be a continuous language language methodology for learning Turkish. Most people forget new vocabulary after couple of months as they do not use their language skills. Therefore, we will make sure that you have enough  Turkish language practice with your Turkish tutor.
  • The best  way to learn Turkish is obviously with an intensive course. You can have everyday 2 or 3 hours  or weekends. For example; You can divide your tuition as grammar and reading lessons and the second part for oral practice and conversation skills.

What methodology is used in your Turkish language courses?

We use direct communicative method  in conjunction with some Turkish grammar lessons. Learning Turkish is not as difficult as you think. Your Turkish teacher will explain in details:

  • suffixation process in Turkish (agglutination),
  • Turkish vowel harmony,
  •  Turkish language syntax and word order back to front – compared to English and other European languages,
  • Vocabulary and contextual reading texts, dialogues and various role-play scenarios.
  • Turkish grammar structures such as Present Tense, Past tense, Future Tense, Modals, If Clauses, Modals ~ebil/abil, demonstrative pronouns, adverbial clause of Time ~ince/inca/ken suffixes, obligation suffixes in Turkish ~meli/mali and many more Turkish grammar topics will be covered.

Where can I take my Turkish language course?

If you are living in London,  you can take face to face Turkish language course in a suitable venue in London. You can decide the place/time and tuition hours whatever suits  you most.   If you want to learn Turkish at the comfort of your home you can try online Skype Turkish language course. It is an easy way to learn Turkish. All you need is a good internet connection and a Skype program.  You can take our Skype Turkish courses, wherever you are, London, Istanbul, Ankara,  Berlin, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Dublin, New York, Brighton, and so on..