Turkish Lessons London

Looking for Turkish Lessons in London?  Then, you are at the right place. We offer  a wide range of courses in Turkish language.

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Beginners  Turkish lessons in London

If your level in Turkish is at beginners level, it is quite difficult to learn Turkish without the guidance of an experienced teacher. Many students think that they can learn Turkish with just some online applications. But, this is not the case! Because you will need to practice your Turkish with a native speaker who speaks both English and Turkish so that you may raise your grammar questions. So;

What is the best methodology for Beginner’s Turkish lessons?

  • Firstly, book  a qualified Turkish Tutor who has many years of experience in teaching Turkish. If you want to book a qualified Turkish teacher please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Motivation is the key to learn Turkish. So; make sure that you choose topics which are interesting for you. e.g: shopping, introduction, meeting people, expressing yourself in basic conversations. Some role-play scenarios  can be ideal for learning Turkish fast and you can practice with your tutor.
  • Building Flash cards, vocabulary memorizing techniques. At home, you can build flash cards  and you can write on each card -one side in Turkish and the other side in English.For example:  write one side : ‘Bread’ and other side ‘Ekmek’. It is advised that you study at least 20 words per day using your flash cards.

Interested in Turkish lessons london? It is very important to understand Turkish Grammar, at beginner’s  Turkish level:

  1. Vowel harmony : you will need to grasp the rules regarding back and front vowels in Turkish (if you book your turkish lessons with us; your instructor  will explain all the rules in details)
  2. Syntax/ Word order in Turkish. At beginner level, one of the first thing to understand is how the sentence structures work in Turkish language.

For example: The sentence “I am learning Turkish in London:  The word order & syntax in Turkish is ” london+in Turkish learning+I.   ( Londra’da Turkce ogren+iyor+um)

Do you see from the above? The word order in Turkish is completely opposite to English. locatives often comes at the beginning and then object and the main verb at the end.  Basic Turkish grammar word order is O+V+S(sfx).

3. Turkish Conversation and Practice. You may need  some role-play scenarious with the guidance of your Turkish tutor. You may have face to face Turkish lessons in London or if you wish, no matter where you are, you can take an online Turkish course.