Turkish vocabulary Test & Video

Step by step learn some Turkish words with a visual aid ( Video below) .


  1. But if you are a beginner in Turkish first study these words in the following list and then
  2. Watch the ”Real Video show” : Read my Lips – Turkish Game show for few times and then
  3.  Take the vocabulary test below- based on the words used in this Turkish TV show ( it will test your  vocabulary learning skills and also your memory. Don’t forget: Language learning is all about the proper use of short term and long term memory skills. This includes ‘learning new vocabulary’ as a self study exercise.
  4. Here are the new Turkish words: study them  for a while and watch the video and then take our Turkish vocabulary test: Now, lets begin:


12 New Words / New Turkish vocabulary for Beginners:

Şaka: Joke

Bilet: Ticket

Yarın: Tomorrow

Dal: Branch

Öpücük: Kiss

Balkon: Balcony

Düğün: Marriage or Marriage ceremony

Sevgili: Dear or Blessed

Deli: Mad or Crazy, Nuts

Kemer: Belt

Tam: Full/ Exact/ precise

Öğrenci: Student/Learner


Welcome to your Turkish Vocabulary Test for Beginners

User Name
1. Bilet means in Turkish?
2. Yarın means In Turkish?
3. şaka: means in Turkish?
4. Öpücük means in Turkish?
5. Balkon means in Turkish?
6. Wedding means in Turkish?
7. Sevgili means in Turkish?
8. Deli means in Turkish
9. Tam means in Turkish?
10. Öğrenci means in Turkish?